Raised in Bronson, a small town just outside of Gainesville, Florida, Gina Cohen
has always had a passion for art. At age 9, she discovered sculpture and fell in
love- she has dedicated her life to honing her skills and knowledge in figurative
sculpture ever since.  

At 12, she began accepting portraiture commissions, and shortly thereafter
focused  on her art education completing several art workshops at schools such as
the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts and the Scottsdale Artists' School.  
Extremely dedicated to capturing the anatomically accurate figure, Gina has
completed several undergraduate courses in medical anatomy, biology and
physiology in order to attain a better understanding of the human body. After
graduating as high school class Valedictorian, she earned her Bachelors in Studio
Art and Art History with distinction at age 20 from Florida State University and
credits much of her artistic growth to her apprenticeship under artist Edward Jonas
of Tallahassee, Florida. In May 2006, Gina completed her Master's of Fine Arts
degree in sculpture at the New York Academy of Art, the youngest graduate in the
school's history.

After graduate school
, she was accepted as a full-time Anaplastologist  in on the
training at Columbia University and the Bronx  Veterans Hospital. Utilizing both
her medical and artistic training, she
learned to sculpt and paint custom facial
prostheses (eyes, ears, noses, teeth, and lips) for patients with cancer/traumatic  
facial injuries too serious for cosmetic surgery. The highly selective program only
chooses two technicians once every two years.

After having worked for the Portrait Society of America while in Florida, she
continues her affiliation with the group as a member and as a volunteer at their
annual international portrait conference

Gina now resides in Los Angeles, CA accepting sculpture commissions and
working full-time as an Anaplastologist for a private practice,
Aesthetic Prosthetics
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